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Dinner Journals


High-quality printed dinner journals complement your next fund raising or commemorative event.  With superior quality printing, and hardcover bindings, your donors, constituents or members will have a worthy keepsake of your next function.


Union Printer NYC, a Metro-Graphics, handles all the details for event journal production:  design templates, ad production, printing, binding and fulfilment.


  • We provide your advertisers with sample ad templates: simply choose a design for each of your ad pages, and we'll create ads until you reach your deadline.  You focus on ad sales, we focus on design, production and proofing.

  • Depending upon your page count & quantity, your journal can be produced with high-quality digital printing or traditional 4C offset.

  • Your book will have a superior presentation with quality book binding choices as well as softcover and magazine options like saddle stitched, perfect- or spiral-binding.

  • Once approved, you're guaranteed on-time delivery for your event.



Top quality, fair pricing.  Crafted with pride using only 100% Union Labor.


Call or contact us today for a free estimate:  





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